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1-on-1 Sessions

In a 1 on 1 session, I am here exclusively for you


in preparation for Saundarya Yoga

You learn the basic theory of each of the 5 great elements, the Pancha Mahabhuta. You receive basic practices, like meditation and breathing techniques. You can immediately start applying this knowledge in your life and it is a great preparation before diving into Saundarya Yoga. In one class one element can be covered.

90 €

1 session of 60 min

90 €

1 session of 60 min

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to support you in your certain phase of life

you will be invited to share with me what is your longing. What kind of energy and quality would you like to invite into your life? What do you feel challenged by and what do you feel drawn to? You will receive a set of practices specifically for you that you can make your daily spiritual sadhana.

72 €

1 session of 75 min

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You will be guided through a complete Hatha Yoga Class in the comfort of your own home and adjusted to your level.

Including sun salutation, asanas, breathing exercises, and deep relaxation. If you wish we can focus on a specific area.

If you don't have any yoga experience so far and wish to practice Saundarya Yoga, this is a great starting point.

63 € 
 1 session of 45 min



Learn the steps that can help you calm the body and the mind and dive into your inner space

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